Don’t Cash Crop on My Culture

Upon some research, I saw that DosToros, my favorite fast food Mexican place has an Instagram for their character (not really a mascot) named Pinto the Burrito. In honor of the unofficial smoking/weed day April 20th, they posted this picture which again takes Rastafarianism and appropriates/denounces the aspects of this religion. There is a lot of context behind dreads, not cutting your hair, and using things such as weed. In other cultures, there is also the use of hallucinogenics like peyote. Again, these are not for the case of using drugs just for fun or to be high but through spiritual evaluation.
This image is again offensive because it takes something meaningful to a people and degrades it to a meme of sorts. Pinto is shown with long dreads, weed glasses, a sweater in red, green, yellow, and black (Rastarian colors), and multiple blunts shoved in his mouth.

As Amandla Stenberg said and covered in a project with Quinn Masterson for their class; ‘Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows”.

Or even as Ruth Farias said in Soannie and my interview with her; “They can accept the culture but not the people”. There’s a history of corporations taking things out of context and devaluing them. It’s insensitive and a cheap marketing strategy. Media images have gotten better over the years but to constantly see these re-surface ever so often is disheartening all the same.


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