Candy Burrito

A ‘burrito’ based concoction has emerged. The new imposter of burritos is now the candy burrito from Milk Tavern in LA. This store offers Ice-cream of your choice with all the toppings you can think of, wrapped in several layers of Cotton Candy. For anyone with a sweet tooth, this might just be for you.

Per our class discussion when Robert Sietsema, food critic and writer, came to speak to the class, we landed on the topic of these burrito imposters. He’s not a fan but it seems from usual names of popularized & novelty foods to catch the eyes (and bellies) of people while misidentifying it. I have to agree in part that I wouldn’t call these burritos rather than maybe wraps…? What’s the difference between those anyways or even calling cotton candy ice cream a sandwich vs a wrap? Regardless of the naming politics, it looks ready to give me all the cavities. To reiterate previous discussions, burritos do not have the glamorous life in past that they live now. It seems to me that burrito has now been morphed to mean someone wrapped in something else. Maybe that’s the new meaning we’re leaning towards. Perhaps anyone can make their own combinations of food and still stick the name of burrito behind it. Say for instance I’m cultivating a meat burrito, I can just take some turkey and chicken wrapped in bacon and boom, it’s done. Would that qualify?

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